Why am I doing the Podcast on Creativity and Innovation


I am Swiss living currently with my family in Denmark. 

Creative output and challenging the status quo have been natural to me for as long as I can remember. 

Unfortunately I have been more focused on fitting in and get a good academic degree and a safe job than following my heart and instinct. Visual creating and hands on creating and problem solving such as sketching, painting, building, singing, architecture have always driven and fascinated me, but I pushed them away as I thought I would not be able to make a living with it. 

As a result my creative output  and general creativity as well my mental wellbeing suffered. For my Master Thesis I was working with innovation and radical innovation which made lots of fun and made me aware that I enjoy the innovation part too as it is closely related to creativity too.

With this new Podcast and Blog do I intent to rediscover the skills, methods and frameworks to foster creativity and be more creative. By doing so do I hope that I will be able to help others on their journey to more creative thinking and problem solving too. 


My curiosity and drive have made me to a “Jack-of-many-trades”. I feel at times caught between my logical academic mind and my more chaotic, dreaming creative mind. Therefor many things that I do in my private life have some sort of creative problem solving involved. 

Many things are technical with a creative touch to it. Such as defining the need e.g. New playground. Designing the product and then start building. On the way all kind of new skills, handcrafts need to be acquired and problems need some creative solution.


The last years showed me that I trolly feel home in the creative fields. According to Toni Robbins am I an Artist. A person that feels most at home creating and building things.


My curiosity and thirst of knowledge have helped me to take the decision to create a podcast and blog with focus on creativity and innovation

What are the tools and habits that can help foster both or one of them.

I set out to find a good explanation on what creativity and what innovation is. It seems many believe one needs to create beauty to be called creative. I have heard many times “ I am not creative. I can’t draw nor sing” or any similar variety.
Creativity is not drawing or singing it is rather knowing a problem and finding a solution to that problem by combining the existing knowledge and available resources together. Creating beautiful paintings must not necessarily be creative. But it definitely requires a good handcraft. 

With that said I boldly claim that not all artist are creative. Some are merely good craftsman that follow a certain pattern without coming up with something new and special. 


What about Innovation? What is innovation, when are we innovative? Over the years many companies want to be creative and implement a creative department, but are struggling. There are many types and degrees of innovation and even more ways on how to label them can be found. 

Some examples that come to my mind are the classical incremental innovation, breakthrough, radical, disruptive, moonshots, loonshots, roof-shoots and the list goes on. Then there are the 3 Types of Innovation, Product, Process, & Business Model describing in what field we innovate. 

But how do we create innovations that are merely improving the product a bit and how do we come up with those great ideas changing the world?

What skills does one need, are there practical methods and frameworks a company or individual can follow. Or is this all just luck. 


How do we know if we have a good idea or not? Are there any parameters to find out to celebrate? At the moment of writing this blog I am aware of the idea to create as many ideas as possible without judging them. Then sort them out for practicality and start working on the best ideas. When working on those big ideas not all will work out so the general believe is to fail fast and continue to the next idea. Is that the right way?! There are many examples that just kept going and improving their product until it was successful. One example is Star Wars and James Bond two of the most successful movie franchises ever. They almost didn’t make it to the theatre but the creators continued pushing and refining until the pieces fit together. During an interview at the Tim Ferriss show did Safi Bahcall mention that a good drug needs to be killed at least 3 times to be a good drug. 


With so many ideas, opinions and ways of being creative and innovative I decided to set out and find out more. Please join me on my journey and learn with me. The main focus in the beginning of my show will be on business innovation and creative working culture, start ups and similar but I am interested in all fields of creativity and therefor plan also to interview artists, hobbyist and all kind of creative souls to learn from.


If you have any suggestions for someone I should interview or if you want to be interviewed please send me an email or leave a comment at the end of the post.

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